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Academic identity for Boston University’s 2024 MFA Exhibition graduate programs Graphic Design, Painting, Print Media & Photography, Sculpture, and Visual Narrative. Our key theme is that every detail contributes to the entirety. It also highlights how the sum of individual actions forms a comprehensive whole. Receipts and invoices serve as tangible manifestations of transactions. So, each individual within a community is a part of a receipt, contributing to collective histories. 

In our quest to manifest these concepts into tangible design elements, we used the adelle superfamily, which metaphorically embodies the essence of familial unity and interconnectedness. Our identity system draws inspiration from receipt design, utilizing type as a form within its constraints. Just as parentheses are incomplete without each other, so too are the intricate dynamics within a family. We used Ascii art as a unique addition to our design toolkit. We created the Ascii type to complement the Adelle superfamily and fit the bill perfectly.

Under the guidance of Christopher Sleboda and collaboration with Veridiana Victorelli, Amanda Mundy and Niharika Yellamraju

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